Marietta Health & Wellness Center, formerly known as Dexter Chiropractic, combinines chiropractic care with medical and therapeutic procedures in one state-of-the art facility located in Marietta, Ohio.

We assist adults, teens, and children who seek relief from long-term, work or sports-related injuries or accidents. We are able to help these patients because our integrated approach treats the underlying cause of the problem, rather than the effects of the problem.

We offer a variety of products available in our office:
Ice Packs
Moist Heat Packs
Lumbar Support Pillows and Belts
Cervical Bed and Crescent Pillows
Cervical Traction Units
Heal Lifts
Tens Units
Valeo® Exercise Balls

Dexter Chiropractic opened in 1993. After starting the practice, Dr. Dexter began to notice that patients were responding better with strengthening and flexibility exercises, so he attended 300 hours of post graduate studies in rehabilitation, making our office different and unique. We have provided chiropractic care to over 10,000 residents in the area since that time. Over the past few years, our staff began to notice that many patients have other needs that were not being answered by the medical community.

As a result, Marietta Health & Wellness Center was formed in 2010— a true unique office that currently includes a full time medical doctor and massage therapist, along with chiropractic care. Patients now have options. Some of them may be on medications that interfere with healing, or others may have health issues that delay healing processes. These patients are now getting the help they need. Our office works as a liaison with the patient's own family doctor to coordinate care, and to provide advise on complications from neuo-muscular rehabilitation. 

We are excited to be able to offer this unique service to Marietta. As we grow, we plan to add a physical therapist and nurse practitioner to further help and deliver even more complete services.

Our Family Policy
Marietta Health & Wellness Center is a "family practice" and we are always honored to be chosen as the "family doctor." If another member of your family requires care, please feel free to bring this to our attention, so that we can provide an immediate, thorough evaluation. We do ask that the spouse of a new patient be present during the initial Report of Findings. This often saves time, as questions about care and procedures can be answered to everyone's satisfaction.

Among Your Friends
"Our most cherished patients are the ones who pass the word on so that others can be relieved of their pain and suffering." A word from you to this friend, relative, neighbor or co-worker, about what Marietta Health & Wellness Center has done for you is the best kind of referral. Just tell them in your own words how you have been helped, then urge them to contact us.


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{ LOCATION } 325 FOURTH STREET, MARIETTA, OHIO 45750 { PHONE } 740 376 9944
{ HOURS OF OPERATION } MON/WED/FRI 8a.m.-5:30p.m. | TUES 8a.m.-5p.m. | THURS 9a.m.-noon | SATURDAY by appointment.